Travel By Air from Udaipur to Mauritius By Jet Airways – The Beginnings Of A Great Trip With Family

Holidays with family are a great stress buster. As a Business Strategist, I keep travelling from time to time for work but none of the trips matter to me because I am generally alone on those trips and it is no fun to go to new places without the company of my lovely wife and my two beloved kids. Each time after my solitary trips, I would come back homesick. Hence, when travel by air from Udaipur to Mauritius by Jet Airways materialized, I was elated beyond words. Finally, I would have a much deserved break from work and also have an opportunity to spend substantial and quality time with my family.

My instructions to the travel agent were clear cut. He should carve the trip in such a way that I have maximum fun with my sons- Akash and Adarsh, this way I would actually be able to rejuvenate myself. The smile on my wife’s face and the exuberant energy of my children were priceless. Often, I would advise the same to my clients who would hanker after nothing but money that the true value of life lies with relationships. My work type makes me look after their business needs but I alternated as a friend, philosopher and guide to my esteemed clients and that too for free! The JetKonnect flight 9W-K-2630 from Udaipur flew at 20:45 and took about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Delhi. And then we had the next flight through Air Mauritius from Delhi around 8 am the next day which would have us reach Mauritius 7 and half hours later.

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As I boarded the flight, I did not quite realize that finally the travel by air from Udaipur to Mauritius by Jet Airways was panning out just as I thought it would. The next few days would be fun, I was sure. I had bookings with Anahita, the resort Mauritius and the property came quite recommended. The excitement of the kids was palpable and there was finally the relaxed look on my wife’s face. She deserved this as much as I did.