Johannesburg Zoo South Africa – A Must for the Wild Life Enthusiasts Enjoyable with Family

The morning in Jo burg was great. Although the city has a reputation of some or the other notoriety yet, there was calmness in the atmosphere in this morning as if the people were done fighting and struggling and may be were finally observing peace. The troublesome days for South Africa and Johannesburg were indeed over and the days being spent here as a tourist is ample proof for that. This day I would take my children to the Johannesburg Zoo South Africa. Functional since the year 1904, the zoo facility spreads over an area of about 200 acres and has a great amount of species that get reared and bred here. In fact the very famous Siberian Tiger, which is considered the endangered species, have been successfully reared here. The dangerous ones in the zoo which the kids were keen on are the African Hippo, the Puff Adder, the African Hippo and the Nile crocodile.

johannesburg zoo, south africa

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I had made arrangements with the hotel travel desk to arrange for the car commute to the zoo and that seemed the reliable thing to do. The zoo has a wide variety of options to indulge in for locals as well as for tourists. In fact, I had prior bookings with one of the tours of the zoo, the ones where I had the option to make a choice between the Ferry Tour, the Night Tour and the Zoo Snooze. We had tickets to the Ferry Tour which helped us get on a ferry for a total of 90 minutes and we are taken to five major animal complexes to observe the animals up close and also interact with their care takers. This tour is locally very popular with birthday parties and the likes. It also allowed us to go where only the staff of the zoo could go- the animal night rooms, the kitchen and the hospital to understand how the zoo works.

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After my tryst with some of the lovely animals among the countless species here in the Johannesburg Zoo South Africa, I could feel that my childhood was revisited through this trip. As we proceeded to the South African National Gallery South Africa, I could sense that my family- my wife and kids had a wonderful time as well.