Kruger National Park South Africa – For the Experience of the Largest Game Reserve

As we neared the end of our trip, it did not quite mean that the energies and enthusiasm was waning too. This day we made it real fast in the morning because we had the flight to catch to get to the Kruger National Park South Africa. The flight would take 4 hours and 15 minutes approximately and for the next day we had accommodations in the National Park itself in the various huts that they provided with. The flight was comfortable enough and soon we were in the car to reach the National Park premise. As we entered, close to the reception is the souvenir shop that had lovely stuff covering almost all essentials of everyday use but indigenously made with touches of the place either in prints or in logos. I finished checking in.

north entrance kruger national park south africa

North Entrance Kruger National Park South Africa | Image Resource :

Our luggage was taken to the thatched hut-like accommodations but it had all possible modern amenities too. Lunch was a community affair with the guests of all the nearby cottages being served together in a buffet style. Our choice of food had already been consulted with us and the chefs tried their best to put together a vegetarian fare for us. Then, we were scheduled for the game; the jeep that was to take us to all the vantage points from where the animals could be spotted was ready for us. Interestingly, the officials at the Park gets a memorandum signed by the guests which has it that if the wild decides to make you their meal, you would have to forgive him! Basically it meant that gaming in the park is not the security concern of the officials.

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But there is no reason to fear for anything at the Kruger National Park South Africa because gaming or viewing the animals in their natural habitat is done with full care without disturbing the animals and keeping in mind the security provisions every step of the way. There are guides and security officers which give full cooperation to the tourists looking to have a wonderful experience at the premise. The next day would be our finale in South Africa with Voortrekker Monument Pretoria on our agenda.