Le Val Nature Park Offering Great Natural Delights For the Tourists

I had to finally give in to the pestering of the kids and this morning was reserved for the pool in the suite. Both Akash and Adarsh had waited too long to have a splurge in the pool activities. The sightseeing trip to the Le Val Nature Park was not until noon so we had ample time to ourselves. The kids loved the water and were enjoying to their heart’s content. The pleasure and sheer joy on their faces filled me with immense satisfaction. The trip was shaping just the way I had imagined it would be. Even my wife had a peaceful expression on her face which was a rarity when you have two boisterous kids to take care of.

Time flew and it was lunch time, we ate in one of the fine restaurants of the resort. The food was delicious and the ambience too was perfect. Soon the commute which had been booked for the sightseeing came and we were ready for the day’s excursion. The car took us to the Le Val Valley at Cluny Southeast which is in the Grand Port District. The place had been a site for erstwhile sugar factories and some chimneys still stand tall as a testimony to the fact. We made payments for the entrance fee and gained entry into the Park. The park is spread in an area of 2,800 hectares and is named after the valley Le Val. The park premise has agriculture and farming carried out under the Government and it also has breeding of freshwater pawns being carried out. There is also a mini aquarium in the premises which has tropical fish and eels. The park also produces export quality anthuriums which are cultivated, prodused and looked after in the greenhouses of the Park.

le val nature park mauritius

Le Val Nature Park Mauritius | Image Resource : trekearth.com

The beauty of Le Val Nature Park is amazing and the children too were in awe of the various plant species that we found in the park premise. The lush green landscape is a treat for sore eyes. In the heart of the park is a lake which has boating facilities which we enjoyed very much before making our way to the Jummah Masjid Mauritius.