There’s Something For Everyone, At Loong Palace Hotel & Resorts Beijing

All of us looked very happy this day, for the simple reason that we were going to spend the day with a colleague of mine who was staying a little away from us in a different hotel. My boys were beside themselves, with excitement as they would be getting one day and one night at my friend’s hotel.

We had woken up early and packed our overnight bags. My children did not want to eat breakfast and go straight to the Loong Palace Hotel & Resorts Beijing. But however I insisted, as we could have the breakfast at the resort the next day. This day too we decided to travel in style and took a cab. On the way we saw many interesting sights and the Tsinghua University on its way was of special interest to my wife.

loong palace hotel & resorts beijing

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My friend was there ready to greet us, at the entrance of this imposing hotel. He had done us a good turn, as one of the rooms next to his Superior room which was Studio king bed was vacant, as a family friend of his had checked out one day earlier. With whoops of joy, my children occupied this room. My wife was receiving a call from home, was grateful that there was Wi-Fi in public areas too.

The reception Staff spoke English pretty well, and were trying to convince us to take the tours, to Great Wall and Ming’s Tomb, which were nearby, but we assured them that we wanted to spend the day at Loong Palace Hotel to relax. The other staff who spoke mandarin seemed to understand and nodded in agreement.

Getting in the sauna was on top of our list after which we swam in this 5 Star hotel’s pool. The kids splashed about in the kid’s pool and later went to the kids club. In this luxury Loong Palace Hotel my wife went for a facial at the salon. We had lunch at one of the restaurants rfrom the nine available here. We indulged in Cantonese food, even though Italian, Japanese and Sichuan fare was available. We looked forward to spending the entire day here in luxury.