Meditation tips for beginners

Most of the people know the benefit of yoga. Therefore, majority of them want to try it out. However, as beginners, you don’t know where to start. So, I’m writing this post for beginners who want to practice yoga.

Meditation is not as simple as it seems and its easy to lose interest if not done correctly. Even though, it is difficult to master. Once you learn the right way of meditation, you will be in love with it. Meditation is all about connecting with your inner self. It helps you attain peace from within and makes you a better person. Before starting with my yoga tips, I would like to point out that patience is a must while meditating.


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Here are 5 effective beginner’s tips for your daily meditation regime :

Practise Regularly :

As a beginner, it is important that you practice daily. You will not see the benefits of yoga in one days. You need to completely indulge yourself into the process and this may take time.

Morning Meditation:

Mornings are calmer and more peaceful. So I would recommend that you do a quick meditation every day after you wake up .

morning meditation

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Be Open :

As a person meditating, it is important to be open about your mental and emotional state. Your body should be able consume and emit energy.

A lot of regretful things may have happened to you but it is important to let go of the past and forgive people. This will help you have better perception about your future.

Create the ambience :

Before starting meditation, it is important to set the mood right. Play some soothing music and light up few scented candles. This will help you while meditating.

Foot Soaks :

Have soothing foot soaks in the evening. This can be really effective in revitalizing your nervous system. This helps you sleep better and wake up fully recharged.

Control your thoughts :

You should stop thinking while you are meditating. Try to feel your body from within, concentrate on your breathing, bodily sensation, heart beats etc.
These are some of the tips that will help you stay interested in meditation. So try out meditation and be healthy mentally and physically fit.