South African National Gallery South Africa to Have an Insight into the Artwork of the Country

The car was directed to the Government Avenue, Gardens where the South African National Gallery South Africa is located. I was now in the picturesque city of Cape Town. As a host to great permanent and temporary exhibits of South African art and noted works from other parts of the world, the Gallery is a delight for locals as well as the tourists who invariably come here to have a peek at all things worthwhile. The Gallery is reputed to have the most distinguished items that also give it the distinction of being a great art museum. There are paintings, sculptures, textiles, beadwork and architecture on display which pique considerable interest in the inherent artistic talent of the people of the region.

south africa national gallery

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As I moved around looking at exhibits after exhibits, I came to the section called atrium where one could host a selection of launches, meets, and other parties. The venue is open to enquiries for photographic shoots, cocktail functions and various other lunches and dinner occasions that could be hosted or thrown in the premises. It seemed like a very good and a classy place to have functions and the likes. One could also have seminars and workshops here, I gathered. Also, the place is popular with rehearsals being conducted here by the locals and the corporate who wish to make use of the superior services of the place. The museum had been established in the year 1930 and continues to be the focal point for contemporary exhibitions and collection of permanent artists who have collaborated with the gallery.

It is said that the inaugural exhibition of fine art had taken place in the year 1851 and since then there has been no dearth of activities within the premises of South African National Gallery South Africa. There are great paintings from noted twentieth century artists like Jacob Hendrick and Gerard Benghu but my lack of information on these matters could not quite let me know more about the other painters. My next post had to be to let my readers know about 10 2nd Avenue Houghton Estate Johannesburg, the choice of abode at Johannesburg.