Stanley Park Vancouver – An Escape to Nature

As our days of staying at Vancouver were coming to an end there was still a lot more left to be explored in the city. The next location that we decided to visit was the Stanley Park. This is a famous area of naturalness that is visited by tourists from all around the globe. This 1001 acre public park lies on the boundaries of the downtown of Vancouver. The park is almost entirely enveloped by the water bodies of the Vancouver Harbour and the English bay.

Stanley Park

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The park has a significantly long history as it was one of the first areas that were discovered in the city of Vancouver. Initially this area was used by the indigenous inhabitants for almost thousands of years. Later the region of British Columbia was colonized by the British in the year of 1858 when the Fraser Canyon Rush came into occurrence. Later when the city was incorporated in the year 1886 this piece of land was converted into a park.

The Stanley Park is named after a famous British politician Lord Stanley. He has been appointed as the governor general of British Columbia recently. Unlike other parks this park is not created by any landscape architect. In fact the Stanley Park is a large urban park that has evolved out of the forest and urban spaces in Vancouver over a span of many years.

The park comprises of many man – made structures that were built long back between the years 1911 and 1937. In the post – war period many other exhibits such as polar bear statues, miniature train and an aquarium were also added to the Stanley Park of Vancouver.

Stanley Park Vancouver

Stanley Park Vancouver | Image Resource :

The greenery and natural settings of the park has been maintained in its original shape. Much of the park area remains densely forested since the 1800s. There are around a half million trees in the park, some of them rising to a height of about 76 metres. The park authorities have made consistent efforts to maintain the wilderness and naturalness of the Stanley Park. We had a very refreshing time at the park and clicked many pictures of the area to keep as memories as we return back home.