Dr. Sun Yat – Sen Classical Chinese garden, Vancouver

After our visit to the canda Place of Vancouver the next site that we visited in Canada was the famous Dr. Sun Yat – Sen Classical garden. Stretched over an area of 0.3 acres or 0.12 hectares of land this garden was created in the year 1986. It is distinctive as it is the very first “scholars” or Chinese garden that has been built outside China.

This famous garden draws visitors from near as well as far off places and is located at a premier location at Chinatown in Vancouver. The classical Chinese garden has a public park that is open to public access and it also incorporates a garden that can be entered on payment of certain admission fee. The garden had been constructed with an objective to promote an understanding of the Chinese culture and to keep it alive through time. It also aims at bridging the gap between the Chinese and European or western cultures.

dr. sun yat-sen classical chinese garden vancouver

Dr. Sun Yat – Sen Classical Chinese Garden | Image Resource : tripomatic.com

This beautiful garden is designed by renowned architects Donald Vaughan and Joe Wai. The inner portion of the garden was developed by the chief architect Wang Zu – Xin in collaboration with the experts from the famous architecture company of Suzhou i.e. the Landscape architecture Company. The classical Chinese philosophy of Feng shui and Taoism are employed in the DR. Sun Yat – Sen Chinese garden. Such charms are supposed to promote harmony and   balance in the atmosphere.

Animals of cultural importance in Chinese belief such as bats, phoenixes and dragons are represented in various entities throughout the classical garden. Moreover the turtles and fishes that dwell in the garden also serve certain symbolic purposes. Water is also a prime component of the garden and a large pond built within the premises of the garden offers stillness and calmness to the environs.

statue of dr. sun yat sen

Statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen | Image Resource : yourvancouverrealestate.ca

This famous tourist attraction of Vancouver has been named after the prominent nationalist leader of china Dr. Sun Yat – Sen. He is also considered as the “father of modern china”. We spent our day at the garden and I could feel the solace and calmness in the vicinity. Moreover it was a very knowledgeable and unique experience for me to unravel the pages of Chinese culture.

Destination Of The Week : Rosendal’s Garden Stockholm

rosendal's garden stockholm

Rosendal’s Garden Stockholm | Image Resource : stockholmtourist.blogspot.in

Rosendal’s Garden Stockholm : Adrenalin rushes on rainy days makes me nervous than ever and spins my world! Now when I was sitting with my wife on our 10th anniversary trip…it was sheer magic. The hotel served food and pastries to die for. My wife found the room and the dinning to be intimidating and cozy. The organic food, the quiet coffee shop and a retail purchase of flowers, healthy fruits and vegetables are greatly recommended.

Destination Of The Week : Summer Garden St. Petersburg

summer garden st petersburg

Summer Garden St. Petersburg | Image Resource : pinterest.com

Summer Garden St. Petersburg : Before my trip to Russia, all I knew was that I had to visit the summer garden. I have heard a lot about the architecture delight it presents but witnessing it in real was something different. The summer garden is also the location of the Summer Palace which gave a peek into the rich history of the Russian civilization.

Alexander Gardens : A symbol of Russian Patriotism

The next item on our trip took us closer to the city center, the administrative circles of Russia. The Alexander Garden lies very close to the Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square. The city’s most secure region has an aura of politics, business and blunt functionality.

The city moves at a very brisk pace in this part unlike the outskirts that we had been visiting till now. The Alexander gardens are quite contrary and almost ironically located in the heart of the city. It is a place which is overfilled with serenity, peace and tranquillity.

The gardens lie along the western wall of the Moscow Kremlin and are like a recluse from the busy city life of central Moscow, one of the busiest cities of Europe. The gardens were constructed way back in 1823 under the auspices of Tsar Alexander I, the then monarch of Russia.

alexander garden gates

Alexander Garden Gates | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

horses fountain in alexander gardens, moscow

Horses Fountain in Alexander Gardens, Moscow | Image Resource : mstecker.com

The king commissioned the construction of this famous park as a commemoration of Russian victories over Napoleon in the famous Napoleonic Wars. The garden is a symbol of Russian pride, nationalism, patriotism and utmost sacrifice for the nation.

A realization passed through me when I was walking silently through the beautiful central garden that although wars are never won and bring no good to mankind, it is the immense sacrifice that a human being makes for the welfare of others that matters.

We as citizens of a free world must take cognizance from the fact that brutal wars were fought and thousands of lives were lost in the process of making this world a safer place. Wars may not be good but they are sometimes inevitable. They are interwoven in the history of human existence.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is an architectural masterpiece and is often considered the Magnum Opus of the renowned Russian architect Osip Bove who designed the Alexander Gardens to renovate this region of Moscow after the Great Napoleonic Wars. This is located in the Upper Garden which is the most prominent region of the Alexander Gardens. The Central garden is famous for the Kutafya Tower of the Kremlin.

The kids enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful flora of the garden whereas for me and my wife it was a philosophical and spiritual experience.