My Air Travel from Udaipur To Australia By Air India Airlines

I frequently listen many people say that when you start adding years to your age and get older, life seems to be more monotonous to you. Undoubtedly, as a person matures and attains fresh responsibilities, one has to be very intentional and vigilant about making decisions. But that doesn’t mean you should throw yourself in the room of responsibilities and run after materialistic things. So I booked our ticket in Air India airlines to Australia.

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I feel that a person should never cease to grow and explore; and a very fine way to do this, is to travel. So that when you look back at your life after reaching a stage, you have the collage of moments- some that make you proud and probably a few to regret; but all cherishing for sure!

Everyone should take some time out to explore the world and taste this ravishing fullness of life. It’s certainly worth all the investment of money and time that would be needed on your side. Travelling is not about being a tourist, but about gaining the experiences of risks and thrill of adventures, so you don’t live in fear and emptiness of it; for your remaining life. Owing to this theory of mine, I make sure to take time from my busy working life to explore some new places and spend some valuable time with my family. This time, with school vacations of my two naughty kids-Akash and Adarsh, we planned to visit the magnificent place ‘Australia’.

My kids were on the cloud nine on getting the news of our destination and their excitement was on peak. Being a tech-savvy person, I made use of the easy and quick flight ticket app that enable one-touch flight bookings on our mobile device .

My air travel from Udaipur to Australia was by Air India airlines, and our flight was to take off from Udaipur at 4pm, and taking around 33 hrs, with one stop at Delhi; we were scheduled to reach Sydney at 6 am. With all packed bags and essentials, we reached the airport on time and were done with the formalities. The flight was of long duration, but the services offered eased us a lot.

Sydney airport entrances

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inside view of sydney airport

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