Destination Of The Week : Golden Summit Mt Emei

golden summit mt emei

Golden Summit Mt Emei  | Image Resource :

Golden Summit Mt Emei : Mt.Emei thrilled my children no ends. The difference in the temperature in different spots on the mountain had all of us rushing from one end to another just to experience the felling of the weather difference. Sitting near the Buddhist temple and watching the impressive waterfalls and brooks flowing felt like heaven.

Destination Of The Week : Leshan Giant Buddha China

leshan giant buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha | Image Resource :

Leshan Giant Buddha China  : It was a fantastic moment when all of us visited this UNESCO heritage site. The sitting posture of Buddha in a monk form showed us different aspects of viewing this great philosopher. The rocky edifices around created a marvelous effect, and this when I believed that it must have actually taken 90 years to carve this largest Buddha statue in the world.