Reflections of My Journey via Air India from Udaipur to Vancouver

Being a business strategist most of my days are busy helping people plan out their investments. I have a lovely family with two blessed kids. I always manage to find out time for my family and friends from my busy schedule. This vacation I planned to go on a vacation to Vancouver with my family. I am a resident of the beautiful city of Udaipur and in itself it is a famous tourist destination. There are a number of historic monuments that draw huge influx of tourists from all parts of the world.

I pre-booked my tickets on the internet. I like to plan everything beforehand and stay organized. So I surfed through various popular travel websites that help passengers to avail the best flight hotel deals for Vancouver at quite affordable prices. All the information regarding the popular hotels in Vancouver is available on these travel websites and can be easily retrieved on the click of a few buttons. One can choose from a wide range of cheap hotels luxury hotels and budget hotels whatever suits their pocket and requirements. All this can be done from the comfort of the home or office.

air india airlines

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As far as the air travel is concerned I was quite clear that we would be travelling via the leading Indian airlines i.e. Air India. I had travelled a couple of times with Air India Airlines and am very satisfied with the on-time flights and in-flight services of this air carrier. We boarded our flight from the Maharana Pratap Airport of Udaipur and landed at the Vancouver Airport in a matter of few hours. The journey was comfortable as expected and we reached afresh to our destination.

vancouver airport

Vancouver Airport | Image Resource :

Both my kids and wife were too eager to reach Vancouver. As we reached at the airport our cab was already waiting there to drop us to the hotel that I had booked for our stay in the city. The hotel that I had picked for staying at Vancouver was the Sutton Place and it offers pickup services to its patrons. We reached the hotel site in a matter of few minutes and were looking forward to our trip.

Air Travel from Udaipur to Sweden : A Memorable and Pleasant Journey

Hi everyone. It has been some time since I went on a holiday with my family so this time we decided to go on a weeklong vacation to Sweden. The choice was a European nation and we all decided to visit some North European Nation. Sweden had always been on my wish list, and finally the time came when we went there. The ticket part was planned and finalised by me. The travel app on my phone was quite helpful for this purpose. I had booked tickets for four of us from Udaipur to Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden.

maharana pratap airport udaipur

Maharana Pratap Airport Udaipur | Image Resource :

Our flight was from Maharana Pratap Airport Udaipur to Arlanda Airport, Stockholm. The flight was a multiple carrier, with one being an Indian Airlines flight from Udaipur to Frankfurt and the other one was the Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Stockholm. We were all quite excited for the trip and the day of our visit we reached the Udaipur airport some 2 hours before to complete the check in and other formalities.

The flight departed from Udaipur at 8:30 PM and within 2:30 hours we were at the New Delhi airport. The flight from New Delhi to Frankfurt departed after waiting at the airport for around 3 hours. The Indian Airlines flight was quite comfortable and with a load of in flight entertainment and delicious meals. It was an 8 hours flight when we reached Frankfurt around 8 AM. The weather at Frankfurt was quite cool and the excitement for our trip starting building.

lufthansa airlines

Lufthansa Airlines | Image Resource :

After some 5 hours layover at the Frankfurt Airport we were ready for our next flight, this time on the Lufthansa airlines from Frankfurt to Arlanda Airport, Sweden. Te aircraft of Lufthansa was amazing from inside. It was quite evident why the airline is considered one of the best in the world. The in flight entertainment stuff was so amazing that it kept us all busy. There was no tiredness in us and we still felt fresh. The food served in the flight was delicious. After a 2 hour flight travel, we reached the Arlanda airport at Stockholm.

arlanda airport sweden

Arlanda Airport Sweden | Image Resource :

When we checked out and were reaching the exit gates we saw a man in his early thirties with a placard with my name written on it. The hotel that I had booked had sent a cab to receive us from the airport. He greeted us with a warm smile and we got inside his taxi to reach our hotel.

Taking off for the royal city Moscow in a Dreamliner

The city of Moscow has been recently connected to India via a Domodedovo package launched by Air India. When I was planning my vacation with my family my wife suggested that we visit Russia. The city of Moscow has always enthralled people with its serenity and traditional beauty even after being one of the world’s most important, busy and modern city. Being the capital of Russia it is well connected to most parts of the world.

Recently Air India Airlines started a flight to and from the Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow and the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. We were staying at Udaipur and took an Air India flight from the Maharana Pratap Airport to New Delhi. The flights to Moscow depart 4 days on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

boeing 787 dreamliner aircraft

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft | Image Resource :

After booking tickets with the Air India Mobile App for flight booking, we took off at 0155 hrs from New Delhi embarking on a journey of over 4200 kilometres. The Air India flight which operates between Domodedovo and New Delhi uses a Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The aircraft has only recently joined the Air India airlines fleet. It is a modern engineering marvel and travelling in this aircraft was quite an experience for us, especially for my two little boys Adarsh and Akarsh who were both thrilled and overjoyed.

During the flight my wife and I could not stop talking about our itinerary. We were just too excited to visit the Megacity Moscow. The cultural and European architectural heritage had always captured our imagination as my wife and I both are art lovers. The thought of seeing the world famous Moscow Kremlin, the beautiful Cathedrals and the unsurpassed collection of artefacts in the renowned museums encapsulated in Domodedovo packages just left us enthralled.

787 dreamliner aircraft food

787 Dreamliner Aircraft Food | Image Resource :

The cost of a ticket in a Boeing Dreamliner is a bit more than the average premium flight but the facilities provided on board are way beyond satisfactory. One cannot put a price over the joyful moments one spends with one’s family. The royal cuisine was just exquisite and the entertainment options like video games and movies kept my hyperactive kids busy. The four hours passed by in a rush and we reached the Domodedovo international airport at 0615 hours sharp.

domodedovo international airport, moscow

Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow | Image Resource :

My Air Travel Journey from Udaipur to Brazil by Etihad Airways – Three Routes of Ecstasy

I have never taken life very seriously when it comes to personal matters. I am the person that loves freedom. ‘Live and let live’ is the tagline that I always carry with me. My kids are my pride. From the beginning itself, I have taught them discipline yet freedom towards life. Travelling with them make me more than happy. Adarsh is quiet responsible unlike Akash. Two of them are the gems of my life. My air travel journey from Udaipur to Brazil by Etihad Airways with two of these gems was ecstatic.

We followed three routes all the way to reach my dream destination, Brazil. Since there are lots of activities onboard, my kids were excited enough to join me. My first route tickets were booked for Air India Airlines from Udaipur to Delhi. We had evening flight for Delhi and it took hardly one and a half hours to reach. Since Delhi is the capital of our nation you would get innumerable flights to travel globally.

The Etihad Airways flights are simply excellent I must say. We had a long and great experience travelling on its flight. All the way from Delhi to Brazil and halting at Abu Dhabi International Airport in between was a wonderful experience of my life. I was extremely lucky to get Delhi Abu Dhabi cheap air tickets.

etihad airways

Etihad Airways | Image Resource :

Etihad Airways have flourished at its most since its incorporation in the year 2003. I loved the services provided with profound hospitality. Its entire guests are welcomed and treated with great respect and regards. Halting at Abu Dhabi International Airport and avoid shopping is an abnormal thought. Especially for a shopaholic like me! My young gems get too excited when they come to shop for a particular object.

abu dhabi international airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport | Image Resource :

Our stay at the Dubai was for few hours and we lived a new life in those fewer moments. Our flight was ready to take off for Garulhos Sao Paulo Brazil. My air travel journey from Udaipur to Brazil by Etihad Airways was awesome to be remembered forever. Thanks to the Delhi Abu Dhabi cheap air tickets that I could manage everything within a budget. We reached safely to Brazil. We were not at all harassed to seek for the hotel. One of my clients from Brazil made all the arrangements for us. I am grateful for his hospitality forever.

My Air Travel from Udaipur To Australia By Air India Airlines

I frequently listen many people say that when you start adding years to your age and get older, life seems to be more monotonous to you. Undoubtedly, as a person matures and attains fresh responsibilities, one has to be very intentional and vigilant about making decisions. But that doesn’t mean you should throw yourself in the room of responsibilities and run after materialistic things. So I booked our ticket in Air India airlines to Australia.

air india airlines

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I feel that a person should never cease to grow and explore; and a very fine way to do this, is to travel. So that when you look back at your life after reaching a stage, you have the collage of moments- some that make you proud and probably a few to regret; but all cherishing for sure!

Everyone should take some time out to explore the world and taste this ravishing fullness of life. It’s certainly worth all the investment of money and time that would be needed on your side. Travelling is not about being a tourist, but about gaining the experiences of risks and thrill of adventures, so you don’t live in fear and emptiness of it; for your remaining life. Owing to this theory of mine, I make sure to take time from my busy working life to explore some new places and spend some valuable time with my family. This time, with school vacations of my two naughty kids-Akash and Adarsh, we planned to visit the magnificent place ‘Australia’.

My kids were on the cloud nine on getting the news of our destination and their excitement was on peak. Being a tech-savvy person, I made use of the easy and quick flight ticket app that enable one-touch flight bookings on our mobile device .

My air travel from Udaipur to Australia was by Air India airlines, and our flight was to take off from Udaipur at 4pm, and taking around 33 hrs, with one stop at Delhi; we were scheduled to reach Sydney at 6 am. With all packed bags and essentials, we reached the airport on time and were done with the formalities. The flight was of long duration, but the services offered eased us a lot.

Sydney airport entrances

Sydney Airport Entrance | Image Resource :

inside view of sydney airport

Inside View of Sydney Airport | Image Resource :

My Air Travel by Air India Airlines for the Maharaja’s Experience

When would my kids ever learn to be on time, I mulled as I waited in the car with the luggage in the boot. This quality they take after my wife but I was not complaining for my wife and my kids are my life and my reason to smile. But, this was going way out of control. The flight was to depart in three hours and we were not even on our way to the airport. I always like to be on time especially during journeys and more so while catching flights because irrespective of the city, whether it is Udaipur or Timbuktu, the traffic can be very dicey and you can never truly estimate the time one would take to reach the airport. My air travel from Udaipur to South Africa by Air India Airlines had brought so much excitement in my family that I was content just by seeing them.

udaipur airport facade

Udaipur Airport Facade | Image Resource :

Everything said and done, we were on our way to the airport and both my children Aakash and Adarsh had this anticipation on their faces that could not be concealed by them at all. Yes, they are extremely naughty and a little indiscipline by habit, yet they really behave responsibly when entrusted with duties. And this day the two of them had the task of taking care of the luggage. I and my wife took strides to the check in counter and finished the formalities. A little later, the announcement indicated that our flight was ready for boarding and we made our way to the fast filling up queue. The flight would take about eleven hours but that was hardly any hurdle because while I was busy leafing through the various business magazines, my kids had settled with the in flight entertainment and my wife as expected was already catching up on her sleep.

johannesburg airport entrance

Johannesburg Airport Entrance | Image Resource :

inside view of johannesburg airport

Inside View Of Johannesburg Airport | Image Resource :

Much of my air travel from Udaipur to South Africa by Air India Airlines was restful and entertaining, the credit of which goes to the efficient attendants in the airplane. Our inaugurator sightseeing trip was to the Apartheid Museum Johannesburg South Africa and I could not wait.

Travel By Air from Udaipur to Mauritius By Jet Airways – The Beginnings Of A Great Trip With Family

Holidays with family are a great stress buster. As a Business Strategist, I keep travelling from time to time for work but none of the trips matter to me because I am generally alone on those trips and it is no fun to go to new places without the company of my lovely wife and my two beloved kids. Each time after my solitary trips, I would come back homesick. Hence, when travel by air from Udaipur to Mauritius by Jet Airways materialized, I was elated beyond words. Finally, I would have a much deserved break from work and also have an opportunity to spend substantial and quality time with my family.

My instructions to the travel agent were clear cut. He should carve the trip in such a way that I have maximum fun with my sons- Akash and Adarsh, this way I would actually be able to rejuvenate myself. The smile on my wife’s face and the exuberant energy of my children were priceless. Often, I would advise the same to my clients who would hanker after nothing but money that the true value of life lies with relationships. My work type makes me look after their business needs but I alternated as a friend, philosopher and guide to my esteemed clients and that too for free! The JetKonnect flight 9W-K-2630 from Udaipur flew at 20:45 and took about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Delhi. And then we had the next flight through Air Mauritius from Delhi around 8 am the next day which would have us reach Mauritius 7 and half hours later.

jet airways

Jet Airways | Image Resource :

As I boarded the flight, I did not quite realize that finally the travel by air from Udaipur to Mauritius by Jet Airways was panning out just as I thought it would. The next few days would be fun, I was sure. I had bookings with Anahita, the resort Mauritius and the property came quite recommended. The excitement of the kids was palpable and there was finally the relaxed look on my wife’s face. She deserved this as much as I did.