Ganga Talao Mauritius, a Must for the Hindus Who Come to Mauritius

One may have all the modern amenities and advanced values, yet it is important to remain attached to our religious origins. And it is equally important to inculcate such values in kids. Hence, when I came across the Ganga Talao Mauritius through the travel desk in the resort, I made plans to include Ganga Talao in our itinerary right away. The locals consider the temples in the Ganga Talao region as most sacred and pious for Hindus. In fact, the significance of the temple gets enhanced even further during the auspicious time of Shivratri when people flock to the temple barefoot from their homes to seek blessings.

Ganga Talao is actually a crater lake and is located in the hilly areas in Mauritius. The area where the lake can be found is rather secluded and is away from the bustle of the main Mauritius yet it is in the heart of the land. Situated at an elevation of 1800 feet above sea level, there are various temples here which includes temple of Lord Shiva which has other deities too like Lakshmi and Hanuman. It is believed that in 1898, the first few pilgrims visited the temples and they were from the Triolet village and were guided by Pandit Giri Gossayne of Terre Rouge. The depth of the holy lake is unknown and the importance of the temple has been since the year 1897, when a priest reportedly had a dream depicting that the lake’s water is a part of the holy river Ganga. Owing to this people make pilgrimages to the lake to carry the holy river to offer to Lord Shiva.

ganga talao mauritius

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I did not expect my kids to understand the significance of Ganga Talao Mauritius at their tender ages, yet it is important for them to know about our heritage and our values. Exposure to such places early in their lives will shape their character and value system. Our trip to Mauritius seemed more like an extended date with nature and with Le Val Nature Park next on the sightseeing list, we were all very excited and looked forward to it.