La Preneuse Beach, Mauritius for the Fun and Frolic on the Beaches of Mauritius

It was the last day of our trip and much of the morning went in packing our stuff.  The kids knew that after lunch we were to go to the La Preneuse Beach Mauritius so they were happy. Right after lunch we proceeded to the small village of La Preneuse which is located in the west part of Mauritius. The area is also called the Black Water District and is known and famous for the Martello Towers which still stands majestically in the island. The kids were noticeably quiet because they knew that the trip was ending and a part of them was excited too because they were anticipating all the beach activities in the beach.

la preneuse beach mauritius

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The weather was perfect, the sun was shining but not too brightly, we had come armed with our sun-tan creams and lotions, the straw hat was out of our bags and all the toys that were specially purchased for the Mauritian beaches were too with us. At least, they were going to be put to good use this day. The breeze was blowing gently and was caressing us while the kids were playing in the sand and we sat there looking at them. There could not have been a more happy sight for me. Although this was our last day in Mauritius, yet the note that we were finishing it in was lovely. I was feeling particularly rejuvenated having spent some wonderful time with my family.

La Preneuse Beach Mauritius seemed like a perfect beach. It was not too crowded and although there were many vendors selling knick knacks and local food, they were at a distance in stalls and not annoyingly close like the other beaches have. The trip back to Udaipur will be sad because the vacation will end but the memories and the snapshots that we are carrying back will remind us of the wonderful time spent for years and years. I never get tired of the trips made with family because like I say to my clients too, money can be earned and re-earned but what good is the money if you do not spend it on the people you love.