Udaipur Half-Day at Rao Ji Ka Hata Road: Enjoy Great Sight-seeing Tour in Bicycles!

half day at rao ji ka hata road udaipur

Half Day At Rao Ji Ka Hata Road Udaipur | Image Resource : squarespace.com

Description : The Udaipur Half Day trip turned out to be a special one as we toured the city in bicycles. We travelled for 18 km and were able to experience the sights and the village views from up close and avoid the boredom that tourist buses create. We were also able to stop by streams and river and take some memorable pictures and got some exercise whist doing that.


Enjoy A Royal Stay In The Exotic Jal Mahal Jaipur

Hey Guys! Keeping the thoughts of my business strategy planning at bay your fellow blogger Anup Agarwal is here to pen down the wonderful experiences that me and my family had in Jaipur. It was vacation time for my two super hero kids. So my dear wife and I decided to take them to the Pink City of Jaipur. Since it was vacation time we decided to take the late morning flight so that Akash and Adarsh don’t feel that they are getting ready for early morning school.

pink city of jaipur

Pink City of Jaipur | Image Resource : vascotravel.net


night view of pink city of jaipur

Night View of Pink City of Jaipur | Image Resource :

Since me and my wife prefer exotic locales and luxurious stay we had booked our room at Hotel Jal Mahal Jaipur which has 3 star rating. It is located on Amer Road close to the Jal Mahal. It has got thumps up from several travel agents and even some of my corporate clients had recommended it. Since I like giving the best to my superheroes and wife dearest I opted for the royal room which has all the amenities like iron, safe and telephone. The hotel also provides WIFI, internet and newspapers to its guests. The gym was well equipped and had a good work out session there during my stay. The Banquet hall was splendid and absolute jewel in the crown of this splendid hotel.

jal mahal jaipur

Jal Mahal Jaipur | Image Resource : selfip.com


night view of jal mahal jaipur

Night View of Jal Mahal Jaipur | Image Resource : xclusiveholiday.com

Roof Top Restaurant at Jal Mahal : Sky touching Taste and Varieties !

My wife and I love to try out different cuisines while kids are more fond of Chinese and continental stuff. The rooftop restaurant of Jal Mahal Jaipur had an array of mouth watering delicacies right from authentic Rajasthani food to Chinese, Indian and continental dishes. As we enjoyed food we also got the benefit of enjoying the panoramic view of the Jal Mahal from the roof top. The travel desk was helpful and with their help we hired a car and went sightseeing. We also did some shopping at the local market. Wife just loved the traditional Rajasthani outfits and jewellery and bought quite a few Rajasthani artifacts’.


yummy dal batti churma

Yummy Dal Batti Churma At Mystic Jal Mahal Place | image Resource : blogspot.com

With a bag full of goodies and a promise that we would be back to explore the beauty of Rajasthan we were homeward bound. The taste of yummy dal batti churma still lingers in my mouth and the sand dunes of this mystic place are still fresh in my mind!

The Towering Tale Of Shanghai Tower Pudong

While in China it would simply be unthinkable not to raise my visits and thoughts real high. Yes, I am talking of visiting the Shanghai Tower Pudong, which all of us were keen to visit. Its background of construction actually fascinated my wife and me. And while in China do as the Chinese do. So after a sumptuous breakfast we trooped out in excitement to use public transport. This time I had decided to take the subway line two.

We reached here, and saw that the exterior of the building spiralled upwards just like a snake. Reading the information here, we got to know that this is one place that has been constructed on a seismic belt, and it is near the river basin. The engineers have really worked hard by firming up the ground and actually put in 980 foundation piles, to depth of nearly 282 feet. This made me really respect the genius of the engineers, who made such clever use of technology.

shanghai tower pudong

Shanghai Tower Pudong | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

We gazed at its 632 metres of height meaning nearly 2,073 feet. My boys kept saying that it will give them a neck ache, if they kept looking up at this tall tower. Imagine 121 floors above ground, and to top it 5 podium floors too. It ranks as the tallest tower in China, and the second highest in the world. How lucky we felt getting to visit this place.

We took a lift and it seemed to travel at a lightning speed. This we discovered was due to the lift being swift enough to travel 40 miles per hour. The tower has two glass facades, one inner and one outer, it felt like overlapping tubes. We saw the photograph of the project manager Grant Uhlir, who had created such a marvel.

My wife was curious about the design of the tower. It seemed to twist one inch after every floor. Then we realised that it was very important to set off the wind effect at high altitudes. Also it had to withstand frequent typhoons.

We got into one of the 149 elevators; it reached us 500 metres high, from street level within a minute, on the sightseeing platform. Now that is what I call a world record in speed !

Destination Of The Week : Lamma Island China

lamma island china

Lamma Island China | Image Resource : thousandwonders.net

Lamma Island China : I was very keen to travel to China and if I had not I would have really missed a good opportunity to see God’s greatest creation of beauty! The wonderful scenario of the Lamma Island, the beauty surrounding the place was something that would stay in my heart forever. I spent a whole week on this island exploring each and every place, every day!

Destination Of The Week : Mount Kailash China

mount kailash china

Mount Kailash China | Image Resource : wikimapia.org

Mount Kailash China : The glorious beauty of the elegant Mount Kailash and the stillness at the Mansarover Lake was the best thing about my recent trip to China. I was amazed to see the longest rivers of India that flows from China. I have heard the beauty of Mother Nature, but to visually experience it, was rather completely outstanding!

Destination Of The Week : Drum Tower xi an China

drum tower xi an china

Drum Tower xi an China | Image Resource : kempinski.com

Drum Tower xi an China : I was always fascinated by the Ming Dynasty of China. So visiting this towering tower was a dream come true. The interiors were all the more fascinating. The huge drum located within it was beaten at sun set to announce the days end. All of us looked up in delight at the many drums which hung in the first floors hall.

Destination Of The Week : Jiuzhai Valley National Park China

jiuzhai valley national park china

Jiuzhai Valley National Park China | Image Resource : topviralpost.com

Jiuzhai Valley National Park China : Visiting the North of Sichuan province in China was definitely on my wish list. The area that this national park covers is simply awesome. It has under it 72,000 hectares, that seem to stretch forever. The Min Mountains and Tibetan Plateau are within it. It was fascinating to watch the nine local Tibetan villages that lie in its sphere.

The Most Pleasing And Satisfying Place : Yuyuan Garden Shanghai

I found myself getting more and more comfortable as days of vacation at China seemed to progress. Right from taking buses and subway lines I was really getting the feel of the local culture here. And my family seemed to enjoy themselves in all the arrangements I seemed to be making.

This day we all decided that we will take a bus to Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai. To our delight there was lot of buses plying that dropped one at Lishui station, from there the garden is walking distance. Also one could take the city sightseeing bus. Another option which was available to us was taking the subway line 10.

yuyuan garden shanghai

Yuyuan Garden Shanghai | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

It felt we were spoilt for choices but we decided to take the city sight-seeing bus that would drop us at Yuyuan Garden. The opening hours were 8:30 and so we felt grateful that we were there by 9:00.We read up all the information about the changes this garden, had undergone in the 400 years of its existence. My wife was very impressed, and said it is very important that the government takes keen interest in keeping the green spaces up to the mark.

Spread among five acres this garden, comprises of pavilions, halls and ponds, all with unique characters. I simply loved the scenic areas and my children seemed to rush around, every time exclaiming aloud about the lovely scenery they caught sight of. The various halls within the garden seemed to have caught their fancy.

Suddenly I heard a shout of delight. Looking up I saw both my children atop the rockery. I rushed up to them and noticed that it was nearly 50 meter’s high. Asking them why they shouted, they excitedly pointed at the bird’s eye view this place gave of the entire garden.

Later we strolled in the Yule Pavilion and Wanhua chambers that led us to many corridors, streams courtyards and many natural scenes. This was a place where the spring bamboos grew, in clusters that was a beautiful sight. Near here I saw two trees out of which one was maidenhair tree. The belief is it is nearly 400 years, planted by the host of the garden. As it was time for us to leave, I took one last look and marveled at the beauty of this garden.

Crowne Plaza Chengdu Panda Garden Hotel China

crowne plaza chengdu panda garden hotel china  (ref link : http://www.cleartrip.com/hotels/info/crowne-plaza-chengdu-panda-garden-350381)

Crowne Plaza Chengdu Panda Garden Hotel China | Image Resource : scene7.com

Description : This hotel had a beautiful décor which my wife loved at first sight. The children simply adored the fresh food on order. The taste of it is something which I can never forget. After a tiring day the sleep advantage program of this hotel, which offers quiet zone floors left me very rejuvenated and rested.

Destination Of The Week : Potala Palace Lhasa China

potala palace lhasa china

Potala Palace Lhasa China | Image Resource : cnair.com

Potala Palace Lhasa China : I could not believe my luck that I was actually visiting the highest palace in the world. That it has connections to Dalai Lama thrilled my wife no ends. Though it was cold and a little damp inside it was worth every bit of the 1 hour visit here. The rare architecture of it had me enthralled.