Jummah Masjid Mauritius for the Beautiful Architecture of Mosque and the Islamic Ways of Praying

Just as it is important to inculcate one’s own values and culture, equally important is to teach kids about tolerating other religious sects. The visit to Jummah Masjid Mauritius was for three reasons. Firstly, the popularity of the architecture of the building had piqued my curiosity, secondly I wanted to show my children how a mosque looked like and thirdly, the place is so famous that it would be a disappointment later if we did not visit the mosque while we were in Mauritius. I had already spoken much about the Muslim culture and its various ways to my kids and they too were very interested to experience it all up close.

jummah masjid mauritius

Jummah Masjid Mauritius | Image Resource : tripomatic.com

Situated in Port Louis, the mosque can be found on the Royal Road. It also has the shrine of Syed Peer Jamal Shah and Muslims are regulars here for praying and namaaz. The place has a spurt of activity and huge crowds here on Fridays which is the Jummah as it is called when the Islamic priests hold prayers which are even broadcasted. Other important prayer activities in the premises are during the months of Ramadan. There are also Eid prayers and spiritual programs which are held here on special occasions. This Sunni Mosque observes practices and rituals and follows the teachings of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi. This great reviver of Islam holds special position for the Muslims of the region.

Once we finished praying at the Jummah Masjid Mauritius, on popular demand we returned back to the resort to have a try at a game of golf in the resort. Although the kids were restricted with the use of professional clubs, yet they could accompany me in the golf greens and understand about the intricacies of the game. The following day, the travel desk had suggested that we go to the Blue Penny Museum, Mauritius which is a popular attraction for tourists and stamp collectors since the place was essentially a stamp museum. As the trip was fast coming to an end, we still had the beach to hit and enjoy.