Comfortable Staying At Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba

Our flight had reached Amsterdam on time. There was a hotel which was already booked by me in advance. They had sent a taxi to receive us from the airport. The hotel wasn’t too far from the airport. It took some half an hour for the taxi driver to take us to the hotel. The hotel was located on one of the beach of Amsterdam in the Oranjestad Eagle area. All the major beaches of the city and other attractions like Eagle beach, Palm Beach, Bubali bird sanctuary were located close to our hotel.

amsterdam manor beach resort aruba

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba | Image Resource :

The hotel looked fabulous in its design and architecture. There were all the modern amenities present inside the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba which includes a swimming pool, children’s pool, wifi services and many more recreational facilities. We were offered buffet lunch before our check in. The check in formalities of the hotel was completed in no time.

The hotel had a total of 72 rooms. IPOD docking stations are present in each of them and also had tea/coffee makers. The rooms were beautifully decorated with all the modern amenities one needs were present in the room. The bathrooms were also very spacious and has make up cum shaving mirrors, toiletries and hair dryers, etc. We were all very happy with the hotel cum resort.

The excitement to travel to Amsterdam started building in us. The long air travel had tired us a bit so went to take some short naps. In the evening we decided to go to one of the restaurants of the hotel and also tried its cafe. The restaurant of the hotel specialises in local and other European cuisines while its cafe shop served some of the best Lattes and Cappuccinos. We were refreshed by evening and were very eager to go out and explore the city of Amsterdam.

There were many places which were shortlisted by us for the travel. The first place which we decided to visit was one of the famous art centre and exhibition halls of the country known by the name of the hermitage. It is a cultural and exhibition centre which was established in the year 2004.

Destination Of The Week : Fishing At Vancouver

Fishing At Vancouver

Fishing At Vancouver | Image Resource :

Summarization : Canada is a beautiful place to visit in the spring. It is much more than just maple trees and bears. I visited Vancouver on a business trip and the manager at my hotel suggested that I try fishing in one of the lakes or even the sea. It was one for the most wonderful experiences ever.

Wreck Beach Vancouver – A Gorgeous Hidden Beach Of Canada

After a pleasant day spent at the Kitsilano beach the next destination that we headed towards was also a famous beach of Vancouver. The Wreck beach is located at NW Marine DR, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2 in Canada. It lies in the province of British Columbia and is well connected to all the major areas of the city.

Wreck Beach Vancouver

Wreck Beach Vancouver | Image Resource :

The Wreck beach of Vancouver is a famous beach located in the Pacific Spirit Regional Park. It is quite a divergent beach in being a clothing – optional beach of Canada.  The clothing – optional region of this beach is clearly demarcated via sign boards. This area stretches over around 6.7 kilometres from the famous Acadia beach that lies to the north of the Booming grounds creek. This creek is located on the northern wing of the Fraser River. The entire park is managed by the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

My wife and I went to this beach and we really enjoyed the time we spent there. There are stairs that lead visitors down to the beach and then back up. One might need to watch his steps as the stairs are a bit tricky. Especially in the rainy season the stairs might become quite slippery. Once we reached the bottom the view of the beach is really awesome. There is a peaceful aura at the beach with a lot of timber that has been washed up on the beach.

There is a nice trail along the Wreck beach and we enjoyed our walk along the beach. The trail is named as the Foreshore trail. It is a beautiful path to take long strolls as it meanders in and out the woods. It took around two hours to cover the whole area. There were also a couple of nude bathers but its fine as everyone keeps to themselves at the Wreck beach. Bikes and dogs are not allowed at the beach. The trail is a bit tough as it might get narrow and rocky at certain points. So I wouldn’t recommend bringing kids along when visiting this beach.

Kitsilano Beach Vancouver – Fun With The Sun, Sand And Sea

There are so many places worth visiting at Vancouver it’s difficult to pick one at a time.  After visiting the Museum of Vancouver the next site that we visited was the Kitsilano beach at Vancouver. The visit to the Vancouver museum was quite a knowledgeable experience and both my kids enjoyed it a lot. I am a person who loves to spend calm and peaceful evenings amidst the splendour of nature. Going to a beach was a perfect opportunity for me to experience such calmness and soothing atmosphere.

The Kitsilano Beach of Vancouver is one of the most preferred tourist attractions of the city. Vacationers from local areas as well as far off places gather to this beach in large volumes to seek refuge from the scorching summer sun. The beautiful beach faces the Burrard Inlet and is situated at the northern edge of the Kitsilano neighbourhood. The Salt – water outdoor swimming pool named as the Kitsilano pool which is housed at the Kitsilano beach is recognized as the longest swimming pool of Canada.

Kitsilano Beach Vancouver

Kitsilano Beach Vancouver | Image Resource :

The pool is maintained by the Vancouver Park Board and is open to public in the summer season. There are a number of beach volleyball courts and a playground towards the northern part of the Kitsilano beach. The old bath house at Kitsilano was demolished and a modern structure was constructed replacing it in the year 2005. The new bath house structure also features the Watermark restaurant that is located at the top of it. The view from the top floor of this structure is one of the best views in the entire city; it is really awe – inspiring.

Recently the Watermark restaurant is sold to a franchise and is now converted into The Boathouse restaurant. The view at the Kitsilano beach was so serene and refreshing that I felt my mind and body were rejuvenated. We tasted some delicious food at the Boathouse restaurant and then headed back to our hotel as the day ended. We were quite excited to explore more such beautiful scenic places in Vancouver during our trip.

Destination Of The Week : Itacoatiara Beach Brazil

itacoatiara beach brazil

Itacoatiara Beach Brazil | Image Resource :

Itacoatiara Beach Brazil : I visited Itacoatiara beach during our trip to Brazil. It is a beautiful beach situated in the Avenida Beira Mar. The beach is less crowded, clean and has lot of fun beach activities. It is a perfect place for all kinds of travellers. We had a great time hanging out at this beautiful beach.

Destination Of The Week : Fernando De Noronha Brazil

fernando de noronha brazil

Fernando De Noronha Brazil | Image Resource :

Fernando De Noronha Brazil : People who enjoy nature photography and are looking out for scenic locations that they may capture in their camera, you must never miss out a visit to Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. The amazing blue waters and the perfect contrast of natural shades will make you wonder whether you are still on this earth.

Destination Of The Week : Itapua Beach Salvador Brazil

itapua beach salvador brazil

Itapua Beach Salvador Brazil | Image Resource :

Itapua Beach Salvador Brazil : I love beaches. I enjoy the ripples and the waves of the sea. I enjoy the sunset sublime and mingle with the waves. These could be just a couple of reasons why I loved the visit to Itapua Beach Salvador, Brazil so much. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to go there again when possible.

Cape Agulhas Cape Town – To Meet the Meeting Point of the Two Oceans

The fresh morning in Cape Town had us feeling rejuvenated and energetic. It was the perfect opportunity to plan the day trip to Cape Agulhas Cape Town, the rocky headland where they say the two currents, the Benguela and the Agulhas meets. Here is the official dividing line between the two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, well imaginary of course.  The windy weather of the city Cape Town had been lovely but as we moved towards the sea shore and near the coast, the speed of the wind was amazing. And to think that it does remain like this at all time made me feel envious of the inhabitants here.

cape agulhas cape town

Cape Agulhas Cape Town, South Africa | Image Resource :

The Cape is also known as the Cape of Needles as named by the Portuguese because here the true north coincided with the direction of magnetic north. We did come across the official line between the oceans as defined by the International Hydrographic Organization declared by a stone plaque and it felt monumental to be in the southernmost tip of the African continent. The waters at the shore here is said to be shallow and great for fishing but in the defiant weathers, the storms and the huge waves are also killing for the anglers who look to fish. The presence of the lighthouse at the Cape has been the savior of many ships here for the rocky shores have been found very treacherous for navigators. But, now the lighthouse has this little museum that we visited and a quirky restaurant where we halted for refreshments. There are also places of accommodation if one drove west to the lighthouse; some of the people staying here close to the shore enjoy the views of the sights on a clear night when they can come visit the rocky shores.

Cape Agulhas Cape Town is also known for its unparallel natural beauty, a slice of which we had seen but as the day concluded, it was time for us to leave and scout back to our hotel and make plans to move to the Kruger National Park South Africa which was sadly the second last highlight for us here in South Africa.

La Preneuse Beach, Mauritius for the Fun and Frolic on the Beaches of Mauritius

It was the last day of our trip and much of the morning went in packing our stuff.  The kids knew that after lunch we were to go to the La Preneuse Beach Mauritius so they were happy. Right after lunch we proceeded to the small village of La Preneuse which is located in the west part of Mauritius. The area is also called the Black Water District and is known and famous for the Martello Towers which still stands majestically in the island. The kids were noticeably quiet because they knew that the trip was ending and a part of them was excited too because they were anticipating all the beach activities in the beach.

la preneuse beach mauritius

La Preneuse Beach Mauritius | Image Resource :

The weather was perfect, the sun was shining but not too brightly, we had come armed with our sun-tan creams and lotions, the straw hat was out of our bags and all the toys that were specially purchased for the Mauritian beaches were too with us. At least, they were going to be put to good use this day. The breeze was blowing gently and was caressing us while the kids were playing in the sand and we sat there looking at them. There could not have been a more happy sight for me. Although this was our last day in Mauritius, yet the note that we were finishing it in was lovely. I was feeling particularly rejuvenated having spent some wonderful time with my family.

La Preneuse Beach Mauritius seemed like a perfect beach. It was not too crowded and although there were many vendors selling knick knacks and local food, they were at a distance in stalls and not annoyingly close like the other beaches have. The trip back to Udaipur will be sad because the vacation will end but the memories and the snapshots that we are carrying back will remind us of the wonderful time spent for years and years. I never get tired of the trips made with family because like I say to my clients too, money can be earned and re-earned but what good is the money if you do not spend it on the people you love.