Welcome To The Pink City And Amass Rosy Memories In Hotel Jaipur Palace!

Jaipur is an immensely popular city, revered for its architecture, monuments and the rich tradition and culture. The best months to visit the city are in the months of October and November, as the city significantly cools down and it becomes quite comfortable to visit every tourist spot in the city.

pink city palace hotel jaipur

Pink City Palace Hotel Jaipur | Image Resource : wordpress.com

There are quite a few things one must plan before taking a trip to this city, and the first thought that comes is about the accommodation or hotel to stay. One of the most highly preferred and recommended hotels for comfortable stay is the Hotel Jaipur Palace. One is sure to enjoy  the vacation, should this step be met.   

interior of the jaipur pink city palace

Interior of the Jaipur Pink City Palace| Image Resource : siyag.net

Hotel Jaipur Palace: Best in the Business!

The hotel located on Shankar Marg, enjoys  a prominent location and the fact that it is located within a ten kilometre radius from both the Airport and the Railway Station, makes it even more accessible and convenient for the tourists and  travellers alike.

city palace jaipur

City Palace Jaipur | Image Resource : jauntri.com

The hotel offers eighty rooms in total, across Standard and Deluxe variants. The Hotel Jaipur Palace provides completely air conditioned rooms, with internet access and a few basic facilities such as refrigerator, personal safe and a private bathroom. Also, the hotel’s business facilities – fully equipped conference room, board rooms, A/V equipments,  etc., are on on par with the best.

internal view of city palace Jaipur

Internal View Of City Palace Jaipur | Image Resource : travelblog.org

For dining, the Mehak Restaurant offers brilliant food in a variety of cuisines and barbeque dishes. The visitors can also treat themselves to some brilliant coffees in the Annapurna Coffee Shop. For the liquor aficionado, the Gagan Bar offers the perfect ambiance to unwind and relax.

mehak restaurant for dining

Mehak Restaurant For dining | Image Resource : buzzintown.com

The recreational facilities in the hotel include, the swimming pool, salon, steam bath, shopping arcade, etc.. All these facilities aside, the hotel also offers transportation service to its guest, along with personal services including laundry. Now, if this is not the perfect example of hospitality, then what is? Go, immerse yourself in the hotel’s luxury.

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

christmas ishesh

Christmas Wishesh |Image Resource : photobucket.com

Christmas Message : The magical night in Bethlehem when a darling baby boy was born in a Shepard’s hut marks the Christmas day and is celebrated with joy even today. The day is dedicated to Jesus Christ who is hailed as the son of God and his teachings are preached around the world via Christmas carols and stories.

You Are No Hero Until You reach -The Great Wall of China!

The awe of actually landing in China had me feeling that I was in wonderland. The journey from Beijing Capital International airport was covered in sheer excitement. After checking in the hotel none of us wanted to waste a single moment. On popular demand all of us settled to visit the Icon of this country…the Great Wall of China.

The 24×7 reception help desk guided us on taking the one day Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking Tour. Our taxi arrived and soon we were on our way chattering in enthusiasm and trying to make small talk to the taxi driver. Reaching there I could not believe I was really standing on this UNESCO heritage site of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It felt as if I had travelled back in time more than 2,300 year ago, when the various dynasties fought to protect the various territorial borders.

great wall of china

Great Wall of China | Image Resource : history.com

My sons excitedly pointed out to the powerful advertising words of Chairman Mao-You are no hero until you reach the Great Wall of China. How apt they sounded. The other tourists explained to my children its meaning. This is a saying in china which says to get over difficulties before reaching and realisation of your goal. We went to the Badaling section which I found was the most visited, observing the tourist rush.

tourist rush at great wall of china

Tourist Rush At The Great Wall of China | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

One more write up near the wall which struck me as simply awesome was, that it has nearly 70,000 visitors per day during peak season. As we had selected the Jinshanling we were happy that is was the most popular hiking trek. Here we found the most original architecture which we stood and admired after every short while. But looking the other way there was also the Mutianyu that was restored very beautifully. Then there was the steep and perilous Jiankou which appears on most picture postcards.

It being the greatest sight in the world was proved today as I looked at it, seeing it’s never ending length of 13,170 miles. How hard the people must have worked to build it, what an example of an awe-inspiring feat.

Zuiderzee Museum – Story of a Rich Culture

Our trip to the city of Amsterdam was coming to an end. We witnessed some of the great historic places of the city along with its amazing museums which made this trip for all of us a great success. The food and beverages at various cafes and restaurants of the city also needs a special mention. Before heading back to India, we went to pay visit to a last attraction and an important museum of the city known as Zuiderzee Museum.

zuiderzee museum

Zuiderzee museum | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The Zuiderzee museum is one of the most captivating museums of the city which is divided into two parts the open air Buitenmuseum, and an indoor Binnenmuseum. The first section which we visited inside the museum was the Buitenmuseum which was opened in the year 1983. The section showcases how Zuiderzee life was between the years 1880 – 1932 by assembling all their houses, farms and sheds.

The inhabitants of the Zuiderzee tribe are dressed in traditional dresses and also have real bakery shops, chemists and sweet shops. The basic purpose of this section is to preserve the culture of the Zuiderzee people which the Dutch seemed to lose while chasing Modernity and development.

The next section where we visited was the Binnenmuseum. This is an indoor museum and is in a form of home and a warehouse of the Dutch Shipping Merchant. The displays inside the museum include paintings, prints and other materials which relates to fishing and farming industry of the city. Some of the cultural artefacts and symbols of Dutch are also on display at the museum. Artefacts like Jewellery, costumes, stones, porcelain; silver and gold are put on display signifying the Dutch wealth during the era.

The museum is a great place to learn more about the transition of the Holland journey toward development and Progress and also how its indigenous people used to live. The way museum is organised and divided into some of the interesting sections is worth an admiration.

This visit to the Zuiderzee museum was our last in the city of Amsterdam. We were now getting ready to go back to our homes taking some of the profound memories of the place and its culture.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam – The Most Beautiful Palace in the Country

Our trip to Amsterdam was coming to an end. We decided to visit a few more places before returning back to India. After the visit to the Heineken music Hall, we headed towards another great location of the city which we had deliberately left for later to enjoy it the most. It was the Royal palace of Amsterdam which is located on the Dam Square in the heart of the city.

The Palace was built in the year 17th century. Today it is one of the most famous attractions of the city. There is little entry fee charged by the authorities. The Palace is used by the government to give reception to the state heads of different countries.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Royal Palace of Amsterdam | Image Resource : obernkirchener-sandstein.de

The palace has served as the town hall of Amsterdam for 150 years, and the palace of the house of Orange for the last two hundred years. The Town Hall is reminiscent of the Dutch Golden age and some of the paintings and sculptures of those eras can be found there made by the best artists of those times. There is also a section which has preserved the most amazing furniture collection of the era when Napoleon’s brother was the emperor of Holland.

The Orange Nassau rooms are one of the best artistically decorated rooms of the palace. The art and craft available there and also the various paintings available show the members of the Orange Nassau.

This is a wonderful palace to make a trip to. Some of the most exotic interiors, antiques, furniture, paintings, sculptures and other items are on display at the Royal Palace of the Amsterdam. Photography is allowed inside the Palace after paying little fees. We clicked many pictures of the intricate interiors of the Palace. It was certainly one of the most modern Palaces I ever witnessed.

Our trip to Amsterdam was coming to an end. We headed for one last place of visit after which was the Zuiderzee Museum of Amsterdam. This museum is dedicated to the history and future if the area of Zuiderzee people who lived on the shores before the construction of the dams.

Destination Of The Week : Apenheul Primate Park Netherlands

Apenheul Primate Park Netherlands

Apenheul Primate Park Netherlands | Image Resource : votpusk.ru

Apenheul Primate Park Netherlands : I have very fond memories of the Apenheul Primate Park Netherlands, which is a zoo. But unlike the usual zoos this one is more like a national park which specializes in monkeys and apes. It is spread across acres of land and has several species of apes and monkeys on display.

Dutch railway Museum – History of European and Netherlands’ Railways

The first day of our trip to Netherlands was dedicated to visits to the famous museums of the city. The two museums which we visited till now were amazing, interesting and exciting in their own ways. The Hermitage Museum was more about the modern and contemporary art while Van Gogh museum was about the art and paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. The next trip of ours was to yet another important museum of the city known as the Dutch Railways Museum.

view of dutch railway museum

Dutch Railway Museum | Image Resource: flickr.com

The Railways museum is also known by the name of Spoorwegmuseum and is located in the Utrecht part of the city. The museum which was built in the year 1927 and since 1954 it is housed in the Maliebaan Railway Station. The museum was opened for the public with the intention of preserving the heritage of Dutch Railways. A large portion of the museum was destroyed during the Second World War.

The Maliebaan Station has been restored to the exact look it had during the 19th century. There are excellent chandeliers on display at the railways station while the replicas of the first and second class waiting rooms are also present. Visitors can also have a look at the luxurious dining room of the station.


Maliebaan Railway Station | Image Resource: straatkaart.nl

There is a section inside the Dutch Railways museum which we all liked very much known as the Dream Travel. It is a tribute to stations travel legacy. One can take a look into what cook has on menu for the dinner and lunch and also look into the various destinations train will travel.

The workshop exhibit of the railway station is where the visitors can explore the different kinds of locomotives and also learn about how they work in reality. This section also houses a restaurant for those looking for food and drinks.

The Dutch Railway Museum was also an interesting visit. A lot about the history of railways can be known and learned through the museum. After finishing the trip to the Railway museum we headed to our next destination which is known by the name of the Anne Frank House Amsterdam.

Destination Of The Week : Renaissance Hotel Amsterdam

Renaissance Hotel Amsterdam

Renaissance Hotel Amsterdam | Image Resource : tripomatic.com

Summarization : While in Amsterdam, I stayed at the renaissance hotel. The renaissance hotel Amsterdam is one of the top rated hotels in that area. The reason I selected this hotel was because of its amazing location which is close to several popular tourist destinations. Being a 5 star hotel, the rooms are lavishly decorated and come along with modern facilities.

Destination Of The Week : Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden Netherlands

Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden Netherlands

Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden Netherlands | Image Resource : Agoda

Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden Netherlands : Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden Netherlands is an archeological museum of Netherlands which is located in Leiden.  The museum stocks heritage and ancient displays from Egypt, Greece, Rome, Etruria and also ancient Netherlands. The museum is a must visit site for any tourist visiting Netherlands as it gives an insight to the by-gone era of different regions.

Visit to the Hermitage Amsterdam – Russian Art in Dutch Style

The stay at the hotel for the night refreshed us all. We were all charged upp to begin our exploration in the city of Amsterdam. There were many places which we shortlisted for this brief visit of ours to Netherlands. The first place which we visited on recommendations of a few friends was the Hermitage of Amsterdam.

The Hermitage is located in one of the oldest buildings of Holland known as Amstelhof. It was created in the year 1683 and ever since was used as a home for the elderly people. Since June 2009, it was converted into a museum and is currently the second largest museum of the city after Rijksmuseum. The main attraction of the museum is its large internal courtyard.

Hermitage Amsterdam

Hermitage Amsterdam | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The museum is easily accessible from all parts of the city through metro tube, taxis or city buses for tourists. The timings of the museum is from 10 AM – 5 PM. The entry for the children is free while adults are charged around 15 €. The museum is a must visit for all the lovers of art and craft.

The museum organises exhibitions on some special themes and then two shows every year are conducted by them. all the objects and artefacts on display are brought from the State Hermitage museum at St Petersburg, Russia. These items are brought first from truck to Finland and then transferred to Netherlands via Germany.

Hermitage Amsterdam Entrence

Hermitage Amsterdam Entrence | Image Resource : shortandsuite.eu

Apart from the art there are many other activities and facilities which are hosted by the museum like studies, shows, concerts and activities for children. After taking the whole trip of the Hermitage, we went to the restaurant of the museum which is known as Neva. There is a two course lunch which is served there made by Chef Ricardo Eve. The food made available there is very good and some light coffee is also recommended to those travelling there.

Side View of Hermitage Amsterdam

Side View of Hermitage Amsterdam | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

We were done with the visit to the hermitage in 2 hours. We decided to head to our next place of visit in the city which is another famous known by the name of Van Gogh Museum.