Visit to the Hermitage Amsterdam – Russian Art in Dutch Style

The stay at the hotel for the night refreshed us all. We were all charged upp to begin our exploration in the city of Amsterdam. There were many places which we shortlisted for this brief visit of ours to Netherlands. The first place which we visited on recommendations of a few friends was the Hermitage of Amsterdam.

The Hermitage is located in one of the oldest buildings of Holland known as Amstelhof. It was created in the year 1683 and ever since was used as a home for the elderly people. Since June 2009, it was converted into a museum and is currently the second largest museum of the city after Rijksmuseum. The main attraction of the museum is its large internal courtyard.

Hermitage Amsterdam

Hermitage Amsterdam | Image Resource :

The museum is easily accessible from all parts of the city through metro tube, taxis or city buses for tourists. The timings of the museum is from 10 AM – 5 PM. The entry for the children is free while adults are charged around 15 €. The museum is a must visit for all the lovers of art and craft.

The museum organises exhibitions on some special themes and then two shows every year are conducted by them. all the objects and artefacts on display are brought from the State Hermitage museum at St Petersburg, Russia. These items are brought first from truck to Finland and then transferred to Netherlands via Germany.

Hermitage Amsterdam Entrence

Hermitage Amsterdam Entrence | Image Resource :

Apart from the art there are many other activities and facilities which are hosted by the museum like studies, shows, concerts and activities for children. After taking the whole trip of the Hermitage, we went to the restaurant of the museum which is known as Neva. There is a two course lunch which is served there made by Chef Ricardo Eve. The food made available there is very good and some light coffee is also recommended to those travelling there.

Side View of Hermitage Amsterdam

Side View of Hermitage Amsterdam | Image Resource :

We were done with the visit to the hermitage in 2 hours. We decided to head to our next place of visit in the city which is another famous known by the name of Van Gogh Museum.

Stanley Park Vancouver – An Escape to Nature

As our days of staying at Vancouver were coming to an end there was still a lot more left to be explored in the city. The next location that we decided to visit was the Stanley Park. This is a famous area of naturalness that is visited by tourists from all around the globe. This 1001 acre public park lies on the boundaries of the downtown of Vancouver. The park is almost entirely enveloped by the water bodies of the Vancouver Harbour and the English bay.

Stanley Park

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The park has a significantly long history as it was one of the first areas that were discovered in the city of Vancouver. Initially this area was used by the indigenous inhabitants for almost thousands of years. Later the region of British Columbia was colonized by the British in the year of 1858 when the Fraser Canyon Rush came into occurrence. Later when the city was incorporated in the year 1886 this piece of land was converted into a park.

The Stanley Park is named after a famous British politician Lord Stanley. He has been appointed as the governor general of British Columbia recently. Unlike other parks this park is not created by any landscape architect. In fact the Stanley Park is a large urban park that has evolved out of the forest and urban spaces in Vancouver over a span of many years.

The park comprises of many man – made structures that were built long back between the years 1911 and 1937. In the post – war period many other exhibits such as polar bear statues, miniature train and an aquarium were also added to the Stanley Park of Vancouver.

Stanley Park Vancouver

Stanley Park Vancouver | Image Resource :

The greenery and natural settings of the park has been maintained in its original shape. Much of the park area remains densely forested since the 1800s. There are around a half million trees in the park, some of them rising to a height of about 76 metres. The park authorities have made consistent efforts to maintain the wilderness and naturalness of the Stanley Park. We had a very refreshing time at the park and clicked many pictures of the area to keep as memories as we return back home.

Djurgarden Stockholm : A Fairytale Island

After our trip to the historic Vasa museum it was now turn to visit the famous island situated in the central area of Stockholm known as Djurgarden. The Djurgaden Island, is home to many historical buildings, amusement parks, museums and one of the favourite recreation points of the people in Stockholm.

djurgarden stockholm

Djurgarden Stockholm | Image Resource :

The island of Djurgarden belongs to the National City Park and was opened for the public in 1995. The amusement park of Djurgaden is the most visited of all the places in the island. The kids were very excited to visit the place and it was their special request to stay in this place for a little longer than usual.

abba museum djurgarden

ABBA Museum Djurgarden | Image Resource :

Our trip to Djurgarden began with a short trip to the ABBA museum, a museum which is solely dedicated to the pop music group ABBA. The next place we visited was the Grona Lund amusement park, the favourite of all the kids in the island. The place was thronged by children and one could really see the joy on their faces.

The amusement park had roller coaster riders along with many other swings and merry go round. Apart from these there were many other rides for children and toddlers alike. The place was liked too much by them. This so far had been the place where they had enjoyed the most.

There is also a scenic lake called Isbaldskaret. We sat beside this lake for half an hour and the joy and serenity watching the birds was quite an amazing experience. We also went for a short trip to Nordic museum which I had requested, being a lover of history. The museum houses all the socially relevant artefacts from the history of Sweden. it was a good informative trip to the museum.

rosendal palace djurgarden

Rosendal Palace Djurgarden | Image Resource :

skansen museum djurgarden

Skansen Museum Djurgarden | Image Resource :

Other places which we visited included the Rosendal Palace and an open air museum called Skansen. Overall the trip to Djurgarden was an experience of a lifetime. We took many memories of that place which we will fondly remember and cherish all our life.

The next place which we decided to visit in Djurgarden was the Skansen open air museum.

Luna Park – A Fun Filled Site

Next we went to a site to amuse children, and that was the Luna park of Sydney. Established in the 1930s, Luna Park is a popular, harbor-sided fun and amusement park, which still restrain the conventional midway exciting games and thrilling rides. The best part is that the Park is open all the year-round; usually at weekends, but all days during vacation time. Entry to this amazing park is absolutely free. One has to pay only if want to enjoy the rides, and the finest way to experience these rides is by opting to an unlimited rides pass.

I had screened out the website of this place, and bought my tickets online that saved on time and money. We were now all set (especially the kids) to enjoy the magic at Luna Park.

luna park sydney australia

Luna Park Sydney Australia | Image Resource :

luna park main entrance sydney australia

Luna Park Main Entrance Sydney Australia | Image Resource :

The attraction was located next to the Sydney Harbor bridge, and we being close by, it didn’t take us long to reach there. There we saw a long queue of people at the ticket office, and I thanked myself for booking tickets online.

We walked further in to the park and were observing the beautiful surroundings, but Akash and Adarsh were keen to join other kids on the rides. There were numerous rides suitable for every age group-for the young and old, dodgems, carousel, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, swinging chairs and many more. We also joined the kids and started with the Ferris wheel. It was amazing and the view was fantabulous.

While the kids were having fun at those attractions, me and my wife sat at the benches and clicked numerous pictures.

dodgems at luna park sydney australia

Dodgems at Luna Park Sydney Australia | Image Resource :

flying saucer at luna park sydney australia

Flying Saucer at Luna Park Sydney Australia | Image Resource :

It was such a delightful moments to see kids laughing and waving at us whenever we catch eyes. Indeed, these are the little precious moments that we should cherish…That is the reason I love spending vacations with family!

The park was flooded with people as it was the time of holidays, so the kids also had to wait for a few minutes for some of the rides.

coney island at luna park sydney australia

Coney Island at Luna Park Sydney Australia | Image Resource :

wild mouse at luna park sydney australia

Wild Mouse at Luna Park Sydney Australia | Image Resource :

When the kids had enough, we enjoyed some food from the nearby food outlets.

The place had a charisma to it, and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Destination Of The Week : Mauritius Leisure Village Water Park

mauritius leisure village water park

Mauritius Leisure Village Water Park | Image Resource :

Mauritius Leisure Village Water Park : We did visit many places in Mauritius. Finally we were almost about to wrap up when my friend suggested me to visit the Leisure Village in Mauritius. I was a bit hesitant as it was unplanned but it really turned out to be worthwhile. The beach and the waterpark are ideal places to take your family too.