An enjoyable Food of the Day: Chinese Dumplings

chinese dumplings

Chinese Dumplings | Image Resource :

Chinese Dumplings : Dumplings are one of the most common foods in China. They come with a variety of fillings like lobster, chicken, pork, beef and local sea food. They are a healthy way to consume both vegetables and meat as they are steamed and hence contain lower calories than compared to other dishes.


An enjoyable Food of the Day: Sweet and Sour Pork

sweet and sour pork

Sweet and Sour Pork | Image Resource :

Sweet and Sour Pork : I had a chance to see how this dish was made, when I went to a friends’ place.  The pork was deeply fried to get a fantastic crispy coating. The yummy crunchy pork is what I can never forget.  It was served to me in the thick chili sauce with some added cornstarch to make it even thicker and paste like.

An enjoyable Dish Of China : Four-Joy Meatballs

four-joy meatballs

Four-Joy Meatballs | Image Resource :

Four-Joy Meatballs : Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs! This is what struck my mind when I saw the four-joy meatballs. I wondered how a dish can be crispy and soft. This one definitely had such nature. Even now, when I think of the four-joy balls, my mouth starts watering. Hmmm… yummy to the core!

Flavorsome snack of bitterballen dutch

Bitterballen Dutch Snack | Image Resource :

Bitterballen Dutch Snack | Image Resource :

Flavorsome snack of bitterballen dutch : I discovered something, when my wife and I, on a visit to Belgium happened to go a pub. We were served the Bitterballen Dutch Snack. It is made of a mixture of beef or veal, butter, flour, parsley, pepper, formed into balls and rolled into egg and breadcrumb mixture and deep fried. Served with mustard sauce, and yummy, the crispy snack melts in the mouth!

Destination Of The Week : Renaissance Hotel Amsterdam

Renaissance Hotel Amsterdam

Renaissance Hotel Amsterdam | Image Resource :

Summarization : While in Amsterdam, I stayed at the renaissance hotel. The renaissance hotel Amsterdam is one of the top rated hotels in that area. The reason I selected this hotel was because of its amazing location which is close to several popular tourist destinations. Being a 5 star hotel, the rooms are lavishly decorated and come along with modern facilities.

Mouthwatering Food Of The Week : La Belle Patate

La Belle Patate

La Belle Patate | Image Resource :

Description : La Belle Patate is a famous dish in Vancouver, which is known as a delicious local food. During my stay in Vancouver, I visited so many restaurants where I have this dish. I would highly recommend to tourists who want experience local flavors.

Home Away From Home – Sutton Place Vancouver

As we reached the airport at Vancouver we already had our cab waiting which took us directly to our residence in the city i.e. the Sutton place. As I like to keep things organized I already planned our stay at the best possible hotel at Vancouver. There are a number of travel websites that offer all the details regarding the prices, location and services offered by most of the popular hotels in Vancouver.

I surfed through various travel websites on the internet and checked all possible options for our stay in the city and finally decided to book our rooms at the hotel Sutton place. Thanks to the last minute hotel app that I had recently downloaded on my android based cellular device I was able to find a comfortable stay in Vancouver that too at affordable prices. The hotel booking app offers details about hotels sorted according to prices, class of service and location. Hence it is a very handy way of making hotel reservations.

Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver

Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver | Image Resource :

As we reached the hotel we were warmly welcomed by the extremely courteous hotel staff. We checked in and were guided by an attendant to our room. As we entered the room we were quite satisfied as the rooms of the Sutton Place Vancouver are contemporarily designed and spacious. We booked a suite for our stay so as to accommodate all four of us. This five star property is very distinct in style as it conveys elegance and exceptional hospitality to its guests.

Pool And Hot Tub In Sutton place Hotel

Pool And Hot Tub In Sutton place Hotel | Image Resource :

The hotel offers regular discounts and packages to customers to make a luxurious stay possible at very affordable tariffs. The Hotel Sutton palace provides all the amenities such as complementary guest room internet, room service, complementary wine, self parking, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, fitness centre etc.

Lobby View in Sutton Place Hotel

Lobby View in Sutton Place Hotel | Image Resource :

Apart from these benefits patrons of the hotel can also earn Sutton Prestige membership points. There are also Sutton shopping benefits that enable hotel guests to avail certain percentage of discounts on purchase of retail items. We unpacked our luggage and then had some food from the exquisite hotel restaurant and set out to explore the city.

Destination Of The Week : Treehotel Harads Sweden

treehotel harads sweden

Treehotel Harads Sweden | Image Resource :

Treehotel Harads Sweden : I was lucky to choose Treehotel Harads in Sweden when I visited there. The unique experience of staying on top of the trees is amazing and I even caught a glimpse of a deer walking past. The idea is that the rooms were built in such a way that there was no harm done to the surrounding environment.

The Swedish History Museum : The Rich Culture and Heritage on Display

Once we were done with our visit to the Royal Opera House at Stockholm, Sweden, we visited the History Museum of Sweden located at Stockholm. The museum is one of the largest in the country of Sweden that has covered all the themes from Swedish history to archaeology from Mesolithic age onwards. As a lover of history I was quite fascinated and excited to visit the place. The museum houses some 10 million artefacts from across Sweden.

The museum gave us good knowledge and information about the history and culture of not only Sweden but of other Scandinavian nations like Norway, Finland and son. The history of the Royal family of Sweden is also captured by the museum. We had a lot to learn about the different races and traditional knowledge of Sweden from this museum.

swedish history museum

Swedish History Museum | Image Resource :

There were also artefacts which showed about the horrific effects of the two world wars on the European nations. The main attraction inside the museum was the Gold Room, where a huge quantity of Gold and Silver artefacts is put on a display. These are very old artefacts some dating 1000 years back.

treasure finds in the gold room of the swedish history museum

Intricate Muslim Architecture At The Paigah Tombs In Hyderabad | Image Resource :

The museum is also a good site to see objects and find information about the Vikings. There were subtitles in English on all the displays. We had taken an audio guide in English for this trip to museum in order to understand the traditional artefacts and its history. The rich culture and heritage put on display at the Natural History Museum of Sweden has a lot of knowledge for the seekers and for those who are simply interested in learning about the culture of Sweden.

The gift shop in the museum has many important and interesting artefacts to buy and keep as memory of this Swedish trip. We also had a delicious coffee and some sandwiches at the restaurant of the museum. The staffs of the museum were very friendly and the best thing was that this museum was maintained very well by its authority.

coffee and sandwiches

Coffee and Sandwiches | Image Resource :

After this delighting trip to the History Museum we planned for our visit to the final destination of our trip to Tyska Kirkan at Stockholm, about which I will be sharing in the following post.

Comfort and Luxury at Comfort Hotel, Stockholm

After our long hour flight from Udaipur to Stockholm, we were finally happy and all charged up at reaching Sweden. The taxi was there to receive us from the airport which took us to our hotel. The hotel was already booked by me in advance using the online booking. The hotel name was Comfort hotel Stockholm Sweden. It was one of the premier hotels in Stockholm and by the reviews it was one of those preferred by the international tourists due to its location.

comfort hotel stockholm sweden

Comfort Hotel Stockholm Sweden | Image Resource :

On reaching the hotel we were welcomed very pleasantly by the hotel staff. They gave us welcome drinks for refreshments. On completing the check in formality at the airport we were escorted to our room by the staff. The rooms at the hotel were very good. It was beyond our expectations. The kids wanted to take a power nap and so do us, so we decided to take a shower and order some food from the room service before we take a short nap.

The hotel was very conveniently located in the main area of Stockholm. The hotel was big one with some 163 rooms. Our room was big enough equipped with state of the art technology and all the modern amenities from coffee making machines to a safe. There was also complimentary free wifi service along with a flat screen television. the bathroom was also equally amazing with availability of both hot and cold water.

bedroom view of comfort hotel stockholm sweden

Bedroom View of Comfort Hotel Stockholm Sweden | Image Resource :

The kids took a shower quickly and changed and so did we. We ordered some continental food from the menu from the hotel restaurant. It was made available to us within 20 minutes of ordering. The fod was quite delicious and after stuffing that mouth watering food we were all craving for some desserts. The bakery shop inside the hotel served our needs. We decided to take some rest. I was quite happy in booking the Comfort Hotel Stockholm Sweden. The decision of booking the hotel was big gamble which eventually paid off.

comfort hotel stockholm breakfast venue

Comfort Hotel Stockholm Breakfast Venue | Image Resource :

After our short sleep break we were ready with our adventure. The first destination o our list was the Vasa Museum at Stockholm, Sweden.