Amazon Theatre Brazil – Portrays the Cultural and Historical Background of the City

With more expectations and fond imaginations we headed towards the next part of our trip. The hotel staff and its management courtesy was an unrivalled experience for me. They offered consistent support throughout the travel and my regular needs and requirements were considered as priority making it conducive for a stranger travelling in this foreign land. This time also they proved their remarkable hospitality and helping nature in servicing and arranging my commutes with the travel makers to visit the most enchanting place i.e. Amazon Theatre Brazil, depicting Renaissance Architectural style.

amazon theatre brazil

Amazon Theatre Brazil | Image Resource :

Located within the Amazon Rainforest, the theatre has a magical appeal to the visitors and a true place to be visited by the musical enthusiast and art lovers. Amidst the city of Manaus in Brazil, the Opera House, another name for Amazon Theatre, is a distinctive historical attraction. The structure has an eye catching look with its beautiful pink colored construction and had captivated my soul with its exquisite interiors and outstanding exteriors. It has been an integral part of the city and played a significant role in its development.

The theatre features many operas performed by renowned players. The philharmonic orchestra is the best out there, and also includes the solo artist’s musical performances. We however missed the opportunity to attend the Amazonas Opera Festival hosted by the theatre every year in May.

inside view of amazon theatre brazil

Inside View of Amazon Theatre Brazil | Image Resource :

The Amazon Theatre Brazil is highlighted with exclusive furnishings of Louis XV style adorned with hand printed curtain on the stage imported from Paris, giving it a grandeur look. This treasure trove houses numerous chandeliers made up of intriguing quality Murano glass. The combination of 36000 colorful tiles set on the magnificent dome of the Opera House reveals a sense of dignity depicting Brazil’s National Flag.

A beautifully maintained small museum showcasing glorious past history of the city adds to its charm. It was a wonderful experience for me and has equally pleased my kids with its vibrancy and radiance. With overexcitement in heart, we rushed back to the airport to take a scheduled flight back to Rio de Janeiro for our next destination Quinta da Boa Vista Brazil.


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